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heung Sha is located at the south coast of Lantau Island, providing an excellent geographic condition for beginners and advanced windsurfers. During April to October, we have an ample supply of constant and steady side shore Easterly wind and onshore, southwesterly wind, which is perfect for beginners and intermediate sailors; while in winter from September until April, the wild north and east wind provides much fun for speed planing over flat water. Needless to say, LCS is the perfect windsurfing spot all-year round.



esides windsurfing, we also provide small sailboats. You may choose to enjoy some speed in windy days, or simply cruise around as you like.


Sea kayaking

he kayak is the easiest to learn in the canoe family. With an open cabin, and an option from 1-seater to 3-seater, it is the perfect leisure activity for individuals as well as the whole family. Keen players can also experience kayak surfing during summer. Adventure seekers may choose to tour to Pui O, Tong Fuk or nearby islands for a hardy excursion at all times.


Surfing & bodyboarding

heung Sha possesses a very long coastal line, and the water is relatively shallow, where the waves can be formed in a more stable manner. The surfing distance is longer and stabler, which provides all surfers and boarders a satisfying experience when it blows southwesterly breeze.



The fine powdery sand on Cheung Sha beach is the first choice for skimboarders. At our long coastine line, you can easily find a perfect spot for flat skimboarding, or show off your new tricks on a wavy condition.


ake-boarding is a very entertaining sports and it is easy to learn. No matter you are seeking for excitement, or just want to showcase a couple of new inverts or spins of your trick list, it is the ideal sports for the young-at-heart.


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